Intake form

Before your first experience of Maya Abdominal Massage, it is necessary for you to fill in the Intake form below and send it to me. This enables me to spend time looking into your unique situation, history and then preparing the different techniques that are adapted to your individual case.

The first appointment will last about 2 hours, during which time we will go over the form together and I will give you the massage on your abdomen, back and sacrum. You will receive a lot of hints about natural things that you can do to improve your health, each person according to their unique situation.

All further appointments last about 1¼ hours, during which time we discuss changes that have occurred since the last appointment, I will give you the massage again, further helping the body to correct itself. You will be taught how to do your own self care massage, and other techniques according to each person and their healing evolution.

To download the Intake form, please click on one of the following links :

Female Intake form Male Intake form

‘I swear my allegiance to Don Elijio Panti’s work and will continue to be open to receive every one that is sent to me by the Universe for help or treatment, to the best of my ability’.
Lesley Anderson