Spiritual Bathing

This technique has been practiced by the Maya for generations. During Dr. Rosita Arvigo apprenticeship with Don Elijio Panti, she learnt about the plant medicine, the Massage and also the Spiritual Healing.

The Maya, as with traditional cultures, recognise diseases of the soul as well as the body and are aware that there are both spiritual and physical causes of illness. Maya Spiritual Healing consists of prayer, herbal baths and incense that serve to re-balance and harmonise both the body and the aura (or energy field) so that we can attract good into our lives.

I studded with Rosita, over 3 years, and am now qualified to perform these sessions, but I like to think of them as personalised ‘ceremonies’ consisting of Prayers, Flowers, Herbs, Water and Incense.

They usually last about an hour.

During a session :

They can be done either in or outside (depending on the weather). In both cases you will need a bathing suit or sarong and a large towel.
I usually use Copal Incense as it has been traditionally used to clear the space and allow positive energy to come in.
A bowl or bucket of plants and water will be prepared for you either before your arrival or together (for people on a retreat).
Prayers are said whilst the incense is wafting over you, then you get splashed with the herbal water all around and over you. During this time you can pray, meditate or just observe what information or pictures come up for you.

After the bath, it is best to leave the herbal water to dry on your skin, if necessary you will be wrapped in a towel and just stay and relax, allowing the healing energies to embrace your experience. I will be nearby to support your healing process.

Soul loss leaves people of any age, dispirited, weak, fragmented and disassociated from themselves and the world. Many teenagers and adults make misguided attempts to reconnect with their souls, filling the void with drugs, alcohol, food or obsessive relationships. Therapy may not help because ‘nobody’s home to be helped’.
Sandra Ingerman