What our clients say

Approaching menopause, the Maya Abdominal Massage has helped my mestrual periods and falling organs tremendously!
It has also assisted me in evacuating over a ½ century of built-up emotions trapped in my belly.
Lesley Anderson’s unique approach to this ancient massage is the perfect remedy to nuturing the womb.

DL - Nice, France

Ultrasounds continued to show at the beginning of this year, a large cyst on my right ovary, possible endometriosis and a tipped uterus causing me huge amounts of pain as well as continued excruciatingly painful periods. The doctor said my only option was immediate surgery; I begged to differ and said I would give myself 6 months to look at other less invasive treatments.
So since March I have performed self care, ended a toxic relationship, drank lots of H2O and did lots of yoga.
My appointment with a specialist was replaced with an ultrasound last week (October) the results today show 2 perfectly healthy ovaries and a very happy uterus and continued pain free periods for the past 6 months.

Danielle, A practitioner in Sydney

I'm not sure if you remember but my session with you was right before we transferred two frozen embryos and.... It worked! We now have a beautiful baby boy named Luc! He was born happy and healthy in an all natural birth on October 30th and he's doing great! I have been meaning to get back in touch for months to thank you and tell you that I really think that my session with you helped in the process. I think it cleared a lot of stuff out (both physically and emotionally) and opened me up to allow Luc to stick around. Thanks you so much!!

Elianora, Paris